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Eliminate a Tight or Short Frenum with Specialized Frenectomy Care

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Frenectomy Can Improve Oral Health

A frenectomy is a common periodontal procedure used to remove a frenum. A frenum, or frenulum, is a muscular attachment connecting the upper lip to the gums and tongue to the floor of the mouth. At times, these attachments are too short or tight to allow for normal function, and can create several oral health problems. Such problems include gum recession above the front teeth and unwanted spacing between these teeth. General discomfort, limited tongue and lip movement, and denture-related problems also result from having a short frenum. In such cases, our team performs a frenectomy to alleviate the muscle pull and resolve such concerns.

Frenectomy Offers a Number of Benefits for the Smile

Dr. Patrick Johnson and Dr. Sausha Toghranegar want you and your family to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles for life. As specialists in periodontics, our doctors perform frenectomies on a variety of patients. We often see pediatric patients for this type of procedure, but may recommend a frenectomy for adults in certain situations. Frenectomies are used to eliminate a number of oral concerns, and offer many benefits:

  • Greater oral comfort
  • Better orthodontic results
  • Proper jaw development
  • Improved nasal breathing
  • Normal biting and chewing function
  • Enhanced speaking ability
  • Better denture stabilization
  • Improved esthetics
  • Increased self-confidence

What to Expect From the Frenectomy Procedure

Frenectomies are very brief, relatively painless minor surgical procedures. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Sausha use a very gentle technique when performing a frenectomy, and ensure total comfort throughout your visit. We can even provide sedation services if you or your family member are nervous or anxious. Once the frenum area is effectively numb, we remove the stretch of tissue and place sutures (if needed). Healing is typically fast, and you or your child can return to normal activities in a couple of days.