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Revitalize Your Oral Health and Smile after Gum Recession

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Gum Grafts Afford Comfortable, Healthy Smiles

Changes in smile appearance and sensitive teeth are often caused by a condition known as gum recession. When gum tissue recedes, it pulls away and begins to migrate down the length of the tooth. This exposes the delicate root surface, which is more susceptible to damage and decay. The tooth roots are often more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and activities like brushing or flossing. To help patients overcome these effects, Dr. Patrick Johnson and Dr. Sausha Toghranegar offer gum grafting techniques. A gum graft replaces lost tissue and can help you once again enjoy an attractive, healthy smile.

Gum Grafts Deliver Many Benefits to Your Oral Health

If you have gum recession, getting treatment is important for your health, comfort and quality of life. Our doctors use several gum grafting techniques to restore your smile after gum recession. The process involves replacing lost gum tissue with healthy tissue from your own mouth or other biocompatible source. The new tissue is placed in areas of recession and integrates with existing tissue, raising your gum line to a healthier level. Treating gum recession offers several benefits to your oral health and smile:

  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity
  • Protects root surfaces
  • Reduces risk of root decay and damage
  • Improves smile esthetics
  • Creates an even gum line
  • Decreases risk of tooth loss
  • Raises self-confidence

Put Your Smile in the Hands of Our Highly Trained Experts

A number of oral factors and lifestyle habits contribute to gum recession. However, it is most often caused by periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease. As periodontists, our doctors are highly trained in diagnosing gum recession and its causes, and treating the condition with gum grafting. Dr. Johnson has been providing specialized periodontal care for 22 years. He is also trained to perform the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, a gum graft alternative. Dr. Sausha recently completed training in the latest gum grafting techniques and procedures. Together, our doctors and talented team work to provide the highest level of care for your smile.