Digital X-rays and CT Scans

Dental X-rays, or radiographs, are a useful, necessary diagnostic tool when helping Dr. Johnson detects damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam. How often X-rays should be taken depends on your present oral health, your age, your risk for disease, and any signs and symptoms of oral disease.

A new set of X-rays may be needed to help us detect any new cavities, determine the status of your gum health or evaluate the growth and development of your teeth.  If a previous dentist has any radiographs of your teeth, we may ask you for copies of them.  Ask them to help you with forwarding your X-rays to our office.

Because our practice is dedicated to providing you with the safest and most convenient treatment options available, we utilize advanced digital X-ray technology and CT scans in our office.  Digital X-rays and CT scans provide several advanced imaging options designed to save time, provide clearer dental photos, and expose patients to less radiation than with traditional X-ray technology.

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