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Relax, and Enjoy Your Dental Visits

An estimated 30 to 40 million people in the United States avoid visiting the dentist due to dental anxiety or fear. These common emotions keep many patients from getting the care they need for a healthier smile. No matter your own reasons for having fear or anxiety, we want to help you get the comfortable, pain-free care you need. Dr. Patrick Johnson and Dr. Sausha Toghranegar offer relaxing sedation dentistry solutions for a positive experience you can actually enjoy! Our team is highly qualified in sedation options, with Dr. Johnson certified himself in administering IV sedation.

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“We have all levels of conscious sedation available here at the office, from nitrous oxide to oral conscious sedation.”
Patrick T. Johnson, DMD, Board Certified Periodontist

Effective Sedation Dentistry Services for Every Level of Fear

Sedation dentistry allows you to receive the periodontal or dental implant treatment you need, without the worry. We offer several sedation options, providing relief from mild to severe dental fear.

Nitrous Oxide

A clear, odorless gas that delivers a relaxed, euphoric feeling. Nitrous oxide leaves no aftereffects and is ideal for minor anxiety.

Oral Sedation

A prescription sedative pill taken an hour prior to your appointment. Oral sedation allows for calm and relaxation. It is effective for moderate dental anxiety. With this option, you typically have little recollection of your procedure.

IV Conscious Sedation

A sedative administered intravenously. IV sedation is often used for severe anxiety, multiple procedures or complex surgeries. Though technically “awake,” you typically have little-to-no memory of the visit.

Local Anesthetic

Numbs treatment sites, including the gums, bone and teeth. Local anesthetic if often combined with sedation options for a pain-free procedure.

Get the Comfortable Care You Need for a Healthy, Confident Smile

Sedation helps you get the care you need, and overcome anxiety and fear surrounding treatment. Patients who choose sedation report a better relationship with dentistry, and the life-changing results that come with a healthy, confident smile. Our team is highly experienced in providing sedation solutions. Dr. Johnson is IV sedation certified, and ready to help you get the periodontal and implant care you need for better oral health!

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