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Healthy Foundation for Teeth and Dental Implants

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Healthy Bone Levels Are Important to Oral Health

Having a healthy quality and quantity of bone in the jaw is extremely important for oral health. Bone supports the teeth, enables normal oral function, and helps maintain facial shape and appearance. Loss of bone in the jaw typically is caused by advanced gum disease. But even trauma or prolonged tooth loss causes destruction of bone tissue. When bone is lost, teeth become unstable and susceptible to tooth loss. Areas of missing teeth are less likely to support tooth replacement with dental implants. In such cases, Dr. Patrick Johnson and Dr. Sausha Toghranegar rebuild the bony structure with a procedure known as a bone graft.

The Bone Grafting Process

Bone grafting may be a necessary part of your dental implant treatment plan. This is especially so if you have been told you are an unlikely candidate for implants because of bone loss. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Sausha have advanced expertise in bone graft techniques. The process involves harvesting healthy bone tissue from your own mouth or using an alternative donor source. Samples of bone tissue are added to areas of deterioration to fortify and increase bone levels for a healthier foundation. We also use Bone Morphogenetic Proteins and Leukocyte and Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF). This technology encourages advanced healing and recovery following a bone graft.

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Experience the Benefits of a Bone Graft Procedure

Bone grafting also includes procedures like sinus lift, ridge preservation and ridge augmentation. Like natural teeth, dental implants need a certain amount and quality of bone to be successful. Whether you need a bone graft to improve support for existing teeth or prepare for implant placement, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your smile. Our practice incorporates advanced technology into our periodontal and implant procedures. We also offer sedation dentistry to ensure a calm, comfortable experience. As a member of the American Academy of Osseointegration, Dr. Johnson is current on the latest techniques for implant success. He and our team are ready to help you enjoy a healthy, lasting smile!

This type of treatment offers benefits like:

  • Strong foundation for teeth and implants
  • Improved biting function
  • Saves existing teeth
  • Enables implant placement
  • Maintains facial shape