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Gum Recession: A Common Oral Condition That Goes Beyond the Smile

Many patients have sensitive teeth or notice changes in their gum line. These signs and symptoms are often a result of receding gums. Gum recession occurs when the tissues pull away from the teeth and begin to shrink, exposing the underlying root surface. Though a number of factors contribute to gum recession, it is commonly a result of periodontitis (gum disease). Receding gums affects both oral health and the appearance of the smile. In many cases, patients turn to our periodontal practice, concerned over the aesthetic effects of gum recession. Give our periodontists a call today if you have receding gums in Tampa, FL.

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“Gum recession is a multifactorial process. It can be the result of periodontal disease, inflammation, and infection.”
Patrick T. Johnson, DMD, Board Certified Periodontist

Are Signs and Symptoms of Receding Gums Impacting Your Oral Health?

Receding gums changes the smile’s appearance in several ways. These include longer-looking teeth, tooth discoloration near the gum line and dark, triangular spacing between teeth. But living with receding gums increases your risk of other problems, as well. Such concerns include root decay and damage, tooth mobility and even tooth loss. This is especially so when the condition is left untreated. Any signs or symptoms of gum recession deserve prompt attention from a periodontal specialist.

Pinhole® Surgical Technique: A Minimally Invasive Approach to Gum Recession

When your gums recede, it is important to identify the factors behind the condition and determine an appropriate course of care. Dr. Patrick Johnson is one of a select group of dentists specially trained in the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™), a minimally invasive treatment for repairing receding gums. This patented procedure enables Dr. Johnson to restore the gum line to a healthier level, without major discomfort or significant downtime.

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Pinhole® Surgical Technique Animation

How Does PST™ Work?

  • A pinhole-sized opening is created in the gums, near areas of recession.
  • Special instruments are used to gently loosen and move existing tissue to a more favorable position on the teeth.
  • Small strips of collagen are applied to hold the gum tissue in place during healing.

Why Choose PST™ Over Traditional Procedures?

Gum grafts traditionally have been used for gum recession, and are still effective for treating receding gums. However, the minimally invasive nature of PST™ is often favored as an alternative to traditional gum grafting procedures.

PST Differences From Traditional Gum Grafting

  • No incisions or sutures
  • No second surgical site (to harvest tissue)
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Faster healing
  • Greater comfort
  • Instant cosmetic results
  • Multiple areas treated in one visit
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