Two Important Keys to Maintenance After Periodontitis

One thing that most people don’t realize about treating periodontal disease is that it isn’t a one-time event. Gum disease is a lifelong condition, which is why Dr. Patrick Johnson DMD, PA, recommends that patients who have undergone periodontal therapy do their best to avoid running into issues with periodontitis in the future.

Dr. Johnson is a periodontist  who offers dental implants along with periodontal therapy and other non-invasive treatments for gum disease. As such, he regularly counsels every patient at his dental office to follow a few basic steps in order to maintain ideal periodontal health.

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Whether a patient  needs dental implants, or a basic cleaning,  Dr. Johnson says his recommendation on what that patient can do at home to prevent gum disease and maintain excellent periodontal health is the same. He takes a two-pronged approach to periodontal health, and explains that people need to keep up with both “keys” in order to truly prevent gum disease.

The first key to maintaining excellent periodontal health is to have teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals. At his dental practice, Dr. Johnson recommends that patients have their teeth professionally cleaned by one of his hygienists at least once every three months. During these cleanings, the hygienists at Dr. Johnson’s office will do a very thorough job with a patient’s teeth – particularly when cleaning hard to reach areas.

The other key to maintaining periodontal health is to keep up with home care. Patients who have dental implants or veneers do not get a pass in this regard. Everyone needs to be brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and avoiding sugary foods as much as possible.

Patients who do both of these things have a much higher success rate when it comes to periodontal health than people who do one of these two things, or neither. Although Dr. Johnson tries to get everyone to keep up with in-office and at-home maintenance, he says the reality is that most people are good with one but not the other.

Some patients  are good with visiting the office regularly, but not good with flossing on a daily basis. On the other hand, some patients will floss every night, but they might not be visiting the dentist’s office as recommended. Patients need a combination of these habits  to keep their gums in the best shape possible.

Nonetheless, Dr. Johnson says that patients who do both of these things religiously show remarkable stability after their periodontal treatment has been delivered. Because there is no cure for gum disease, the reality is that people who hope to avoid further problems need to manage their periodontal health as much as they can to stop the rate of destruction in their mouths.

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